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Devil May Cry: how to make the demons cry, the best Boss Fight

As Capcom prepares to draw his claws with Devil May Cry V, our thirst for demonic blood begins to become increasingly insatiable. In fact, we can not wait to try ourselves headlong against hordes of repulsive devils, ready to be quartered by the power of our weapons. Among the strong points of the work created by Hideki Kamiya not surprisingly, we find without a doubt the clashes, which see our Dante fight creatures of all types and sizes. Waiting to placate our hot hunters spirits, through this journey back in time and in the episodes we will try to identify the most spectacular and adrenaline struggles that have characterized the entire franchise. Those that gave us a shiver down the back, while, with the pad between the fingers and the forehead beaded with sweat, we broke all our concentration to win the victory. Sharp the Rebellion and prepare for the massacre: after all, you know that in hell there is no mercy for anyone.

Attention: this ranking contains spoilers on the whole series of Devil May Cry (the DMC reboot is excluded).

5 – Mundus (Devil May Cry)

To open our display of monstrosity, it was obligatory to quote the prince of darkness himself. Mundus has a role of extreme importance, not only in the first historical chapter, but also in the mythology of the series. In fact, the murder of Dante's mother is consummated by her and – millennia before the tragic event – her clash with the traitorous demon Sparda upset the underworld. The hatred of the human race, considered inferior and weak, has brought this obscure creature to plot plans for the conquest of the earthly world, and it is precisely in the debut title of the brand that Dante is called to stop it.

Before the fatal confrontation, however, we have yet another demonstration of the evil of Mundus which induces our hero into a trap thanks to Trish, a shameless copy of Dante's mother. In addition to using the young as a temptation for the hunter, the millennial demon exploits it as an instrument of psychological torture, and as a diversion to settle some betrayal blows to the half-breed. Cruel, Machiavellian and merciless, Mundus even tries to sweeten Dante with an ignoble proposal: " If you need a mother, I can create as many as you wish, just as I created Trish " .

After yet another provocation our protagonist loses once and for all the stirrups, yielding to his demonic side. Dante clashes in an air combat with Mundus, incarnated in an enormous stone statue. The prince of the underworld unleashes lightning and meteors against the hunter, massacring him with his powers. Afterwards, the struggle without a quarter moves to the top of a volcano: between creatures of lava and incandescent boulders, the hero with a human heart and demonic blood defeats the millennial monster. The island of Mallet begins to collapse on itself: during the escape, Dante again crosses Mundus, still not completely overwhelmed.

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The statue that contained it has suffered considerable damage, and from the cracks in the rock you can see a mass of blood and lava. When the last fragment is destroyed, and the marble face is replaced by innumerable eyes and arms, intending to grasp Dante and grab it for eternity. And just as Mundus is going to get the better of himself, mocking the half-blood for the weakness of his nature as a man, Trish's providential help gives our hero the strength to drive the prince back to his kingdom. Mundus was again subdued by Sparda's blood, combined with the strength of the human soul.

4 – Berial (Devil May Cry 4)

Thousands of years ago, when Sparda betrayed his race to stop Mundus, others demons plotted in the shadows the conquest of power and of the human world. Among these was Berial who, unable to stand the comparison of the two contenders, tried to accumulate new skills for his plans. The legends tell that he met Satan in person, and that he received the ability to control the infernal flames. Berial moreover, boasts on several occasions that he had also invaded the earthly dimension thousands of years ago.

Whatever the truth, through a portal built by the Order of the Sword the owner of the indomitable fire is preparing to finally fulfill his purposes of dominion. From appearances like a diabolical centaur, Berial is completely enveloped in perennial flames, so powerful as to form two wings that cover his back. Even his sword looks like a huge burning ember because of the heat that surrounds the abomination.
Unfortunately, as soon as he emerged from the underworld, he meets Nero, the young hunter with a demonic arm.

The two cross each other, and it is the boy who challenges the burning centaur to a duel. The beast is intrigued by the nature of this particular human, and the ensuing battle reduces a small abandoned village to rubble. Once defeated, Berial retires again to his infernal shelter: he will reemerge a second time, and while he is thinking about what is happening in the world, he finds himself a mocking Dante sitting on his tail. It follows therefore a new duel, this time exacerbated by the fact that the half-blood is the progeny of the much-hated Sparda.

Again, it is Berial who emerges annihilated, and at the invitation to return to his den reacts with a last, desperate, kamikaze attack . Following the gesture, Berial is left nothing but ashes, and among the sparks stirred by the wind appears the mocking sneer of Dante.

Despite suffering two defeats during the campaign of Devil May Cry 4, Berial enters right into our classification thanks to its extraordinary stage presence. The Capcom series changed generation, and in the fourth chapter the developers worked a lot on the artistic sector. Berial, in contrast to his appearance, does not represent a particularly fearful enemy, but the visual impact that guarantees at first glance is such to leave us intimidated. After the initial stumbling block, however, already during the second meeting we feel a bit 'gradassi as Dante, and the fear felt with Nero remains only a distant memory. Rest in peace Berial .

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3 – Agni and Rudra (Devil May Cry 3)

When the young Dante is forced to stop the plans of power of the brother Vergil, in the climb of the tower Temen-ni-gru meets a very unusual duo: Agni and Rudra . This pair of twin demons is guarding a huge gate, and kindly welcomes any passing guest, unless they want to cross the door they protect. In that case the two brothers abandon their stone altars, ready to destroy any intruder with the power of their combined attacks. The two creatures exploit elements such as fire and wind to create devastating concatenated moves, but if one is defeated, the survivor collects his brother's sword in such a way as to greatly enhance himself.

[19659005] Their appearance of headless demons, on the other hand, is only an appearance, given that their consciences are linked precisely to the blades that seize. Once Agni and Rudra have been killed, Dante is persuaded by the two to add them to his paraphernalia, and the half-blood accepts only one condition: " No talking ".

The clash with the twins is fast, adrenaline and relatively manageable, provided they defeat the brothers simultaneously. If one of the two demons remains standing and collects his brother's blade, it would give rise to a series of portentous attacks, considerably increasing the challenge rate of combat. Once equipped, they are still one of the most iconic weapons of Devil May Cry 3.

2 – Nelo Angelo (Devil May Cry)

Among the numerous unwritten rules of videogames, there is one that fits perfectly for the second position on our list: " When the boss has the same dimensions as the main character, it is time to worry ". In the first Devil May Cry, once the exploration of the island of Mallet began, it will not take long to meet the fearsome Nelo Angelo . This knight in the dark armor initially appears to Dante as a double, to then show his true features. Just like a noble warrior, the rival challenges our hero to follow him in an area more suited to the clash that will follow: it is here, between Gothic music and inhuman verses, that Nelo Angelo launches his first offensive.

With his incredible attacks and his ever-watchful guard, this mysterious knight represents one of the most dangerous challenges of Dante's adventure. Without forgetting that he will make his appearance two more times during the campaign, increasing the power of his assaults at each meeting. Nelo Angelo embodies, without a shadow of doubt, one of the prominent elements of the progenitor of the series. As if this were not enough, plays a fundamental role within the mythology of the saga, being the corrupt version of a character Mundus that our protagonist knows all too well …

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1 – Vergil (Devil May Cry 3)

Nelo Angelo is none other than Vergil the brother of Dante who died in the underworld. Before his departure and rebirth in the legions of the prince of darkness, however, the kinsman of our hero had already crossed his blade against that of the hunter. During his plans of conquest to obtain a greater power than the legendary Sparda, Vergil fights against the twin by tearing off his part of the medallion, a necessary instrument to recall the fearsome Force Edge the sword of his father. On the top of the Temen-ni-gru the two brothers fight without minding the life of the other, fed by an anger dormant for years. Unfortunately Dante will have the worst, reluctant to embrace his diabolical half.

After joining forces to foil the attempt to Arkham steal the demonic energy, the two half-bloods, on the slopes of a waterfall that is lost in the underworld, they fight one last time. In attitudes, Vergil is the exact opposite of Dante: if the latter is deliberately fatigued and inclined to unfriendly comments, the other is cold and detached, blinded only by his craving for power. The final battle of Devil May Cry 3 is absolutely one of the most adrenaline moments of the series, as well as being crucial page in the mythology of the saga. It is here that Dante finally faces his past, his family, and reckoned with the nature of the blood that flows through his veins.

Vergil is also a fearsome adversary, able to easily counterattack the shots fired by Ebony & Ivory and able to withstand the blows of Rebellion thanks to his Yamato . Unfailing then the transformation into a demon, which makes it even more rapid and lethal. The final showdown is a riot of sparks emanating from the two blades, in a whirl of blows that make up a deadly dance. A struggle that, as will now be known, sees Dante victorious once and for all, while Vergil will meet his sad destiny in the clutches of Mundus.

Here ends our ranking of the most spectacular and iconic boss fight series of the Capcom series. Do you agree with our list? Let us know in the comments which enemies would deserve a prominent position on this list.

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