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Devil May Cry on Nintendo Switch is the port of the HD Collection

How will you know, Devil May Cry is also about to make his debut on Nintendo Switch and the series will first appear on a Nintendo system. The game edition on the hybrid console will be a port of the remaster collection released in 2018 on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

It was announced by Capcom itself, revealing precisely that this is the first original game, but taken from the HD collection of Devil May Cry last year, and that at the moment there are no plans to release even the other titles from the Nintendo Switch collection. Not even the price has been revealed for the moment, but even that will be an important factor, given that the collection itself costs around 19.99 euros on the PlayStation 4 when it is not on sale.

For the moment what is known is that the version for Switch by Devil May Cry will be available only for digital download, and that there are no plans even for a physical release of the game.

What do you think? Dante and members will get the hoped for success also on Nintendo Switch despite it being a game taken from a collection at a budget price? For example, would you have preferred the entire collection to arrive on the hybrid console of the Grande N?

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