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Devil May Cry: retrace the story of Dante in a video

Let's look back in a single video the story of the Devil May Cry saga in chronological order until the beginning of the fifth episode, coming on March 8 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

The years passed by the fierce clash with the Order of the Sword marked the digital life of the millions of action hack 'n' slash fans who wanted to follow in the footsteps of Dante.

The new act of Capcom's epic action and Hideaki Itsuno, also for this will not be a simple self-referential celebration of the characters and gameplay elements that have written the history of the DMC saga but, on the contrary, will look to the past to evolve the videogame language through a series of innovations grafted into a well-defined narrative context.

In the shadow of the giant tree that will emerge from the depths of the earth to reclaim the souls of Red Grave inhabitants, the challenges facing our fearless alter-ego will be very many, c as we have been able to guess by trying out the splendid demos given to us by the Japanese authors over the last few months

Waiting for the March 8 to be able to exorcise the demons of Red Grave in company of the heroes of Devil May Cry 5, then, we leave you to this Special Video and, if you missed it, we refer you to the interesting article of deepening of Giuseppe Arace which outlines the character of Dante.

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