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Devotion removed from Steam on

A few days after the commercialization of Devotion on PC, the summits of Valve choose to remove the horror evocative of the Taiwanese authors of Red Candle from the Steam pages, thus deciding to to cede criticism from the Chinese audience of its digital store.

The surprising choice made by the company of Gabe Newell is in fact "justified" by the presence, in the dark colors of the latest horror adventure created by the developers of the excellent Detention , an element of play considered as offensive by a slice of Chinese gamers.

Exploring the claustrophobic settings of Devotion, in fact, several users have noticed the presence of a drawing with Winnie the Pooh and Xi Jinping, president of the People's Republic of China , which portrays them with the words "idiots" (from English "moron")

The thorny political question linked to the claims of independence of Taiwan and the friction between the government of the island and China has contributed to further fuel the climate of conflict that has been created since the launch of Devotion, thus bringing Valve to intervene by withdrawing the title from Steam.

Interpellated by colleagues in Kotaku, Red Candle executives have tried to clarify the situation and dilute the tone of the diatribe explaining that the presence of the incriminated image was not foreseen and that, precisely for this reason, they proceeded to remove it with the update published on February 21st. The gesture, obviously, did not help mend the tear with the community: the Steam page of Devotion in fact, has not yet been reopened and all the links continue to redirect the interested parties to the homepage of the digital store.

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