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Digital Bros Game Academy opens registration for the Academic Year 2019/2020

Digital Bros Game Academy officially opened the registration campaign for the academic year 2019/2020 . The Academy, up to and including 16 July 2019 will accept applications for enrollment in its courses, for those wishing to undertake a training course to become a video game developer.

There are four training courses Professional proposed by Digital Bros Game Academy: Game Design, Game Programming, Game Art 3D and new Concept Art for video games . A training offer designed to provide students with specialized training in line with the requirements of the Digital Entertainment sector. All information on the registration procedure, on the documentation to be presented, on the selection process and on how to apply for a scholarship is published on the official website.

The deadline for submitting your application for registration is July 16 2019. Those who wish to apply for a scholarship, the application must reach by 17 May 2019.
The Academy, through its courses, gives students the opportunity to enter an environment that, by organizational structure, it reflects the dynamics of a development study, allowing them to have a highly professionalizing experience to be ready, at the end of the training course, to face the challenges of the world of work.

Digital Bros Game Academy uses in fact a hands-on approach ie learning on the field, practical, concrete and participatory. The training proposal is based on the learning-by-doing method and is inspired by American bootcamp models. These are intensive courses lasting one year, a full immersion in the development of video games, in which more and more articulated projects will be realized, within a real pipeline of a software house. The projects will constitute the student's personal portfolio, an indispensable tool with which to demonstrate their talent and aspire to professional employment opportunities. At the end of the training course a legally recognized certificate of attendance and profit will be issued

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Students of the courses of Game Design, Game Programming, 3D Game Art and Concept Art for videogames, will acquire knowledge and technical skills and relational (respectively hard and soft skills), necessary to pursue a career in the Digital Entertainment sector, thanks to a study program that is constantly updated and enriched with vertical modules based on market trends and Core mentoring and Specialist trainer, highly qualified professionals with a consolidated work experience in this specific field

DBGA also offers its students, through a rich program of seminars and workshops, various opportunities for to get in touch with professionals relevant to the industry. The Academy also carries out an important job placement activity. 77% of DBGA students have found work in video game companies like 505 Games, Ovosonico, DR Studios, Milestone, Xplored, AnotheReality, Colto, Broken Arms Games, Miniclip to name a few.

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