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Dignitas returns to the LCS by buying Clutch Gaming – Free Games Apk

 Dignitas could return to LCS after the purchase of Clutch Gaming.

Dignitas returns to League of Legends. The historic team of esports returns to LCS, the American League . A club with sixteen years of touring in electronic sports that was left out of the LCS after being chosen other projects instead.

According to Jacon Wolf on ESPN, Harris Blitzer Sports & Entertaiment (owners of Philadelphia 76ers and Dignitas) would have reached an agreement to seize 68.2% of the shares of Clutch Gaming for 20 million dollars . On the one hand, 12.5 million would go to Dary Morey and his Houston Rockets. On the other hand, the rest would go to the following seasons and close payments with Riot Games.

The legendary organization that had great name players like Scarra or Imaqtpie take the Clutch Gaming site . I would return a team that has been on the scene since the second season and that, in the old LCS NA, managed to fight for the fourth place with nails and teeth.

Dignitas, the new face Will it be the only novelty?

The Houston Rockets would thus end their career in the competitive League of Legends after three splits . The results did not respond based on the investment and this may have been the key factor for Clutch Gaming to be transferred to the owners of the Philadelphia 76ers. After the World Cup, the team would completely change its name and logo to become Dignitas .

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With this news, the alarms in North America jump with the first team that would leave the franchise system. Probably not the last to do it since, according to ESPN, Optic Gaming and Echo Fox would also be looking for a buyer .

Dignitas will have to make changes

We will also have to see what happens with the current players of Clutch Gaming. Dignitas will want to make changes and we will have to carefully observe the market windows that are presented to him. Huni, LirA, Piglet, Damonte and Cody Sun have been penultimate in the classification this same split . Surely we do not see the same quintet when they have to put the shirt of Dignitas .

Dignitas returns to the LCS buying the Clutch Gaming slot

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