Dissidia Final Fantasy NT Free Edition is now available for free on PS4 and PC


As announced by Square Enix from today it is possible to download Dissidia Final Fantasy NT – Free Edition on PlayStation 4 and PC completely for free.

free access to some components of the complete experience. In the Free Edition players can participate in online and local battles with 4 pre-selected fighters who change every week . If desired, the basic set of 28 standard characters and also DLC characters can be purchased separately. The latter are not included in the basic version of the game nor in the free rotation of the Free Edition.

The campaign is absent, but Free Edition players can face the users of the basic version in online battles. The data for saving the two editions are compatible. We report, finally, that on PlayStation 4 you need a subscription to PlayStation Plus to play online. If you are interested in downloading, then we refer you to PlayStation Store if you have a Sony console or on Steam if you have a gaming PC instead.