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Does a patent seem to indicate a wireless future for Playstation VR?

The Playstation VR represented, and continues to represent, an extremely interesting element within the current videogame panorama, but how will it evolve in the future?

With regard to this topic, Sony has not yet released any kind of official declaration, however, just recently, some patents have attracted the attention of the videogame community. In particular, during the month of February 2019, the news related to the development of technologies for motion control was spread. A second patent is now arousing curiosity, which seems to indicate research efforts in the direction of a completely wireless Playstation VR .

According to what is currently reported, the latter in fact seems to refer to a technology would allow a flagship console to detect the presence and position of a user. By way of example of this patent the representative image found at the bottom of this news may be useful. From a first and synthetic look, the latter seems to make reference to a potential Playstation VR without cables. A certainly intriguing possibility, which could simplify the use of this technology.

To date, however, we emphasize that there are no confirmations regarding the actual existence of such hardware. Moreover, what is represented in patents is often not actually produced . Consequently, to get reliable information about Sony's projects for the future of its Playstation VR we just have to wait for communications from the same company. Meanwhile, we can enjoy the Playstation VR games coming out in 2019.

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