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Doom and Destiny Review: Four nerds land on Nintendo Switch

One aspect that makes independent development a well of dreams and hopes is undoubtedly the ease with which one can propose one's own ideas: on the other hand, ever more accessible development software and the many distribution platforms allow almost anyone to probe the market in an attempt to escape the flood of production that floods digital stores every day. Of course only a few manage to conquer the summit, and in the middle – often invisible to the great audience – many small works fill a gray area made of interesting intentions or nostalgic intentions from the " expansionist ambitions " more modest.

This is the case of an all-Italian team that, driven by the passion for old-fashioned role-playing games, has created a fun parody of its favorite genre. It all starts when Francesco Ficarelli game designer at Heartbit Interactive tries to transport his adventures from Dungeons & Dragons master dungeons and those of four friends in a videogame experience. Never would have expected that from the whims of their companions (dissatisfied by the lack of adherence to paper games) would be born the "spaghetti fantasy" Doom & Destiny : a witty tribute to games like Final Fantasy VI which catapults the irrepressible friends in a fantasy world ready to mock the clichés and snatch a smile at the niche of loyalists formed in these seven years since the first release. Since then this GDR has landed on PC, Xbox One and mobile, and the call was missing the Kyoto console: a partnership finally happened, and that goes well with the characteristics of the title.

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Retro-taste metaludico [19659004] That which they had planned Nigel Mike Johnny and Francis was a usual evening of Dungeons & Dragons in the company of Benjamin pity that the imaginative game master has in store for them something new. From this playful repetition of references to facts and people " purely coincidental " the adventure of our protagonists begins, which, among extradimensional portals and kingdoms with dubious credibility, willingly do without the typical epic of the genre . Teleported in the presence of the king MacGuffin the four unfortunates come, in spite of themselves, invested in the role of heroes and charged with defeating the evil plans of the Unnamed. It is entirely secondary that they were chosen randomly among the only survivors of the journey, and that they have very little fear. With an easygoing spirit, the narration continues through lines of dialogue in the name of a humor that mockingly mocks the clichés of role-playing games: from the consensual looting of commoners to the extravagant rescue mission of a princess, Doom & Destiny winks at a kind of experience that finds in irony one of the main virtues. This does not imply, however, that the game's play values ​​are inferior to those of a dignified RPG: in fact, using amusing metaludic expedients on several occasions, the title introduces extremely innate mechanics into congeners.

Limiting itself to pure mimesis, also in Doom & Destiny we have the classic party formed by rather crystallized classes in their starting roles: next to the most exemplars warrior magician and thief (in the guise of a ninja ) there is also a pirate to cheer up the group of lads. As a mark of recognition, we find a turn-based combat with random encounters, which rests its foundations on the careful handling of mana and rollicistic manual strategies.

From this point of view is declared the will to innovate little or nothing, offering a progression marked by the growth of the members through both the increase of the four statistics Possenza (it is not a typo), Grinta Sympathy and Dexterity both the equipment of increasingly rare objects. To a now nostalgic system, joins the tactical choice of a leader who can balance our characteristics in favor of more health or strength points if we choose Johnny (Possence), mana points or spirit in the case of Nigel (Sympathy), escape or speed for Francis (Dexterity) and resistance or critic for the pirate Mike (Grinta).

In setting up a story that stands on twenty hours the work of Heartbit Interactive does not reach the gargantuan dimension of other exponents of the sector, flowing fluently towards the end credits, it could however – in his adherence to an old school approach – annoying some last-minute players with his sometimes necessary grinding. A redundancy that is quite overwhelming, if you decide to discover all the secrets and secondary challenges (such as arenas and a kind of boss rush) proposed by the work.

Fortunately, everything is dampened by irreverent NPC jokes and scenarios that draw heavily from popular culture tout court, with references to video games and manga of the 90s. An exhilarating hubbub that ranges from divine blessings of orcs to reinterpretations of icons that have made the story of the great N (as a Link Leghista ).

No touch no party

In the last two years Nintendo Switch seems to have become the perfect collector of those videogame photography that elsewhere are weakening the user's desire. Upstream of such a phenomenon surely resides the portable experience of the console: it is undeniable that certain titles are able to snatch from this mobility a very attractive appeal, able to drive the purchase on one platform rather than another.

Doom & Destiny is part of this successful category, taking from the Kyoto console a versatility that dilutes, and of course, the most intense farming phases. Among the dead moments of a trip or idleness, the less entertaining sessions, in fact, can gain greater digestibility. Technically it was impossible to expect big problems, given the extreme lightness and malleability of the code that, using RPG Maker, allowed Heartbit Interactive to port almost 1: 1. The years on the shoulders and the homogeneity with other jobs that use the same software are felt, especially next to other realities – of another budget – made in Square Enix as Octopath Traveler. Finally, the fact that, despite the skills acquired on mobile, Doom & Destiny does not implement Switch's touch screen function, does not make much sense. A feature secondary enough for the purpose of experience, but increasingly ignored by development teams.

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