Dragon Ball FighterZ: Dragon Ball GT's Goku will join the roster!


As reported by the colleagues of Gematsu, a new character is preparing to join the roster of the formidable fighters of Dragon Ball FighterZ the acclaimed fighting game developed by the boys of Arc System Works, already known for the series by Guilty Gear.

Those who follow the Dragon Ball manga and anime, will know very well how the GT saga is considered non-canonical. Reason, this, which seemed to push Arc System not to include within FighterZ any character from the Akira Toriyama spin-off

Things, however, will change very soon: let's find out in fact Goku Bambino of Dragon Ball GT will be the next character to make his debut in the game through downloadable content. In support of the announcement, we are told that the completion of this new variant of Goku will be the "Super Kamehameha", which can be carried out in Super Sayan 3 transformation . Among the special moves we will also have the "Spirit Bomb" and a third, mysterious attack. Among the standard moves will be the "Power Pole" and the "Reverse Kamehameha". Are you satisfied with this announcement? We are waiting for Bandai Namco to be ready to show Goku baby GT in a first trailer.

We remind readers that Dragon Ball FighterZ is now available on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The second season pass of the fighting has already introduced Videl and Jiren, while in the future Broly (Dragon Ball Super), Gogeta SSGSS and the newly announced Goku child of the GT saga will arrive. If you are interested in learning more about the title, we refer you to our Review of Dragon Ball FighterZ.

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