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Dreadful Bond: Dario Argento will collaborate on the Italian thriller project by Clod Studio

Dreadful Bond is the new psychological thriller veined with supernatural elements that will see the collaboration of the Italian authors of Clod Studio to the horror master Dario Argento.

This is confirmed by the same Milanese developers through the pages of the official Facebook profile of Dreadful Bond, from which we learn that the director, screenwriter and Roman film producer known throughout the world for his masterpieces of the thrill as Suspiria Phenomena and Profondo Rosso will collaborate on the project by placing at Clod Studio his immense knowledge and experience in the field of horror and thrilling.

The narrative canvas drawn up by the Italian team to paint the picture in the dark colors of Dreadful Bond he will see us exploring the home of the Wharton family in the role of a character with an unknown identity. [196] 59003] Our task will be to find out who the former tenants of the villa are, trying to understand why they decided to abandon it by collecting the clues and reconstructing the puzzle of the memories of the atrocious acts committed in the mansion. All this, with a gaming camera that will remain rigorously subjective and without the aid of a ' graphical interface that may affect the sense of identification provided by ambient lighting managed by the engine graphic Unreal Engine 4 from the history and the tumultuous events that will mark the rhythm.

The fate of Dreadful Bond in any case, will be determined by the outcome of the campaign fundraising that should start shortly on the well-known Kickstarter crowdfunding portal: naturally we will keep you updated on the development of the project. Meanwhile, we leave you to the explanatory images published by the guys of Clod Studio and in-depth article of Giuseppe Arace which traces the career of Dario Argento highlighting the extraordinary influence exerted by the master of horror in video games and on its most distinguished authors.

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