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Dreams: all the numbers of the Beta for Creators in one

Beta for Creators by Dreams has given us back the image of a project so stratified and original as to be both immediate and profound. For this, the authors of Media Molecule have summarized all the statistics and the curiosities of this beta testing phase in a rich Infographic.

The numbers pitted by the English developers are the perfect representation of the enthusiasm that he went through the community that participated in the different phases of the Dreams Creator Beta. In only 49 days most of which were spent in Closed Beta for those who have had the good fortune to access them since December 2018, the tests involved well 21,700 enthusiasts with 2,150 days of play and 6,600 days of the use of the editor .

Beta participants used agile development tools to achieve 35,700 original creations including 2,432 music tracks and a multitude of levels, mini-games, 3D sculptures and animated models that can be used as playable characters (or enemies). In the brief period in which the beta testers were able to share information, images and videos of their creations on the web through the most famous social channels, the response of the fans was certainly not awaited and generated something like 17,000 hours streaming on Twitch.

The colorful microcosm of Dreams will officially reopen its doors in spring with the version in Early Access expected to launch exclusively on PlayStation 4 at the price of 29 , 99 euro : this version, albeit without the levels of the main campaign and features related to the use of PlayStation VR, will include all the tools present in the Beta, plus a whole series of explanatory tutorials and additional elements for the editor.

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