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Dreams Early Access: dream with the eyes of a creative on PS4

The 2015 edition of E3 will be remembered for the rest of our days. On that occasion Sony raised the stakes and, like the best poker players, with a few bluffs and a great hand, some of the most shocking announcements of this generation fell on the table: the remake of Final Fantasy VII, the return of The Last Guardian, Shenmue III and then he, Dreams . The signing of Media Molecule was clear, the concept a real surprise. When it turned out that with Dreams you could create entire video games I was stunned. Since I was a child I have always loved to draw, to create: if I didn't have the ideal image of my favorite superhero to be able to stick to the wardrobe door, I used to draw it; if a comic, a movie or a cartoon was missing to tell the story I imagined, I would throw it black on white alone.

In my mind that was traveling very fast it would have been great to be able to shoot that film only imagined, that cartoon never transmitted, but the will of the individual often does not coincide with his ability to express them. Now imagine that that child grew up, that he became a freelancer and that at thirty he realized he wanted to work in the videogame industry. But imagine that he is a simple graphic designer / illustrator (and an editor of Everyeye with a compromising picture of Fossetti), and that he wishes to become a Game Designer overnight. Set aside the romanticisms that say that there is always time for everything, the practical obstacles are enormous: we need specific training, an adequate apprenticeship, we need time, years of preparation. An insurmountable obstacle that would make the most ambitious of dreamers desist. Media Molecule with Dreams challenges this logic, proposing a tool that shortens the distances between dream and reality

Democratization of tools

Having tools like those offered by Dreams in your hands is a 'galvanizing experience the air of possibility that reigns in the menus of the creative mode rekindles ideas so far shelved: I can finally dedicate myself to that indie project that would have required to involve at least 10 other people, I no longer have the fear of having to explain in words something that works only in interactive terms, and with a little practice I might be able to show it to anyone. But how does the title Media Molecule succeed in the enterprise? As happens in all spheres of our everyday life, making something more accessible infuses the system with an otherwise unthinkable production push. In the case of videogames, the new engines are allowing a slice of the industry to flourish capable of producing great ideas with half the effort. On the same wavelength Dreams is inserted with his simplified instruments, holding out a hand to all those who would like to try their hand at creating a video game but have never dared to do so. To make this magic possible, Media Molecule is testing an environment that eliminates the burden of compilation from the equation: the formulas that give life to the elements are already there, you just have to know how to mix them well, passing directly to the modeling of your idea. [19659005] In a certain sense we are talking about a revolutionary step very similar to the one generated by the advent of the graphic interface, which allowed the user a visual human-machine interaction, no longer based on command lines. With the same type of user-friendly language Dreams offers a guide to learn the basics of developing a video game on the practical side, and provides us with digital tools designed to be as intuitive as possible. The first results of this experiment were not long in coming

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The current state

The launch of the early access of Dreams for the boys of Mm was a moment of precious confrontation that convinced the team of the effective goodness of the idea: the tools worked and were ready for the community. The next step was therefore to offer, at least on the creative side, the experience closest to the final product.

Set aside the Story Mode, which we will see only in the final version of the title, Media Molecule offers us a complete creative kit. The architecture of the early access is the same as the beta but with a more appealing graphic, the inclusion of storytelling elements that make the approach to the title and the implementation of a good localization that, in our case, easier. , offers all the tutorials translated into Italian to which, moreover, new guides have been added to further refine their skills.

The other languages ​​currently available are English, German, French and Spanish, but Media Molecule is working to include new ones, Japanese in the first place. This particular attention to communication is a fundamental step to further break down the barriers that compromise the final usability. The Mm approach wants to be inclusive, open and usable as much as possible.

Early Access also brings new content to libraries, full of new assets ready to use, to be combined with each other or manipulated for create your own ideas without starting from scratch. Environmental elements, characters, sounds: the collection has been enriched with a lot of new creations directly entered into the Dreamverse by the boys of Media Molucule and by all the participants of the Beta.

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Early Access allows you to resume your interrupted jobs, keeping all the progress made during the first trial periods. Not only that, in the future there will be a switch to the final game for all owners of this version. So buying it from the Store now could be a great investment. Still no chance to test VR instead. The team confirms its presence in the final product and will allow the creation of work environments that will have nothing to envy from the analogous Oculus Medium.

The possibilities of the future

At the moment most of the users involved in the Early Access program move in solitary. But sooner or later the collaborations, desired and supported by the very structure of Dreams, will make their entry into the scene, and everything will become exponentially more intriguing.

The specializations now more than ever have value: in my case, I find myself better with character design and if I had the opportunity to concentrate only on that aspect of production, together with other creatives with complementary abilities we could give life to exceptional things. We had a taste of these combined possibilities during the Rezzed 2019 in London, a 3-day event dedicated to the gaming world in which Media Molecule ventured into a relay-session live session: a sound designer, a level designer and a character designer they worked in succession on a shared project, giving shape to a complete platform experience in all its parts within half an hour, demonstrating that there is really no limit to creativity. To be honest, incredible ideas are already being born inside the Dreamverse and you can consult them through the dedicated portal indreams.me, a platform made available by the team to browse the incredible archive generated by the community, ideal for the curious interested in experimenting with indies set up by other creatives and to get an idea of ​​what can come from human ingenuity.

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The only real constraint of Dreams comes from the most delicate dimension of this playful experience and concerns intellectual property: Tom Dent Community Manager of Media Molecule present at the Rezzed, explained to us that for obvious reasons projects that violate copyright will be eliminated to protect both the creature of the Guildford house from unpleasant legal consequences, and respect for other creative realities of the industry, both to encourage the creation of original content.

For the same reason, the closed system of Dreams does not currently include the possibility of importing 3D models, which are more difficult to control than the music tracks already included in the project (we will even be able to record and sample our customized sounds). " Based on the future question we might consider implementing this feature, but at the moment we prefer to be cautious ". Super Mario and P.T. therefore they have counted hours, but basically not bad: only the rest of the infinitive remains from which to draw.

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