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End of the Red Dead Online Beta: here is how the Hostility System changes

Today's Red Dead Redemption 2 update has put an end to the Red Dead Online Beta and brought about a whole series of changes to the gameplay mechanics and to the free roaming dynamics based on the Hostility System, the most important element of the multiplayer experience of the Rockstar Games colossal western

With update 1.08 of Red Dead Online, Hostilities System is remodulated according to the addition of the option to choose an Offensive or Defensive style of play. By deciding to adopt an offensive style in Free Roam users can attack other players and accept the consequences of their actions, whether they are represented by the increase in their ingame size or the need to escape to avoid falling into traps strained by those who want to avenge a wrong suffered previously.

The defensive playing style on the other hand, allows users to approach the exploration of the map without having to worry about enemy attacks: those who adopt this style ingame is signaled by a shield icon and does not receive notifications for Free Roam missions involving clashes between other players and they will not be able to participate.

Among other interventions made by Rockstar to improve the Red Dead Online Hostility System we also mention the increase in visibility of the player radar, a modification requested by the community to facilitate interactions between those who play peacefully "and who assumes behaviors so aggressive as to be annoying.

Not less important is then the reformulation of the system that keeps track of the level of Hostility: with the update 1.08 available on PS4 and Xbox One, in fact , the level of Hostility associated with your alter-ego will not increase if the player defends himself from another user who adopts an offensive style and will not suffer any penalty whatsoever if you decide to respond to the attack. Many more will be added to these news over the next few months, starting with the new professions of the Red Dead Online summer updates.

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