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Epic Games disables Fortnite's voice chat on iOS and Android

After the arrival of the Fortnite patch 8.10, some players began to report problems with the performance of Battle Royale especially on versions for mobile devices, both with iOS and Android operating systems. [19659002] Epic Games has therefore started to look for the causes of the problem, given the continuous occurrence of declines in framerates, lags and so on, and has understood that the source of the problem was voice chat . The software house has therefore decided to disable this feature until the resolution of the issue.

The problem has been going on for a couple of days, when Epic Games had also briefly reactivated voice chat on iOS but the situation did not seem to have improved, so she retraced her steps and removed the function again. The problem in any case does not seem to be limited to a specific area, as reports have arrived from a large number of people around the world, so the developers will investigate the matter thoroughly.

At the moment there are no details on the state of restoration of normality, nor has it been reported a time frame within which players will be able to return to using voice chat in Fortnite on their iOS and Android devices. We will keep you updated.

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