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Epic Store: nothing more exclusive if Steam will increase revenues for developers and publishers

During a fruitful discussion on Twitter with several video game enthusiasts, Tim Sweeney returned to discuss Epic Games' aggressive policy on Epic Store exclusives and, as the company's CEO, answered questions. Community

As summarized by DSOGaming's colleagues, Epic Games CEO explained that "if Steam (and therefore Valve, ed. ) committed itself to allocating 88% of revenues to the developers and publishers who publish their games on their platform, then Epic would take action as quickly as possible to stop following an exclusive trade policy, respect the commitments already made with our partners, and evaluate the possibility of inserting the own games on Steam ".

According to Sweeney, in fact, the reason that pushed Epic Games to embrace such an aggressive policy on exclusives would be to the dominant position of Valve, with the Steam platform, in the field of digital PC shops. Always according to the managing director of Epic, "problem number one is the monopoly of Steam with over 30% of the PC market of digital stores, and it is a problem that affects all developers and publishers of video games who rely on this type of store to finance themselves, so we are determined to solve this problem and this is the only approach that will produce major changes ".

Companies that publish their projects on Epic Games Store , on the other hand, can get 88% of the revenue generated, with a much more advantageous "exchange rate" than that offered by Valve on Steam, with 70% for profits on any security sold in the store but with the possibility, for those who manage to generate more than 10 and 50 million dollars of total earnings, to reach 75% or 80%. Among the most emblematic cases of video games offered in exclusive PC on Epic Games Store, we mention Metro Exodus and the future The Outer Worlds, Control and Borderlands 3.

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