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Esport and Simpson: when competitive gaming meets pop culture

I Simpson will represent the export in an episode of the new season: a sign that competitive gaming is now entering mainstream culture.

For the occasion, Riot Games was contacted to ensure that the export was properly represented. It is not the first time that the series Matt Groening talks about video games, but it is certainly the first real " creative collaboration " between such an important publisher involved in the export and a "traditional" media like a cartoon so well known.

The Co-Heads of Esports by Riot Games, Whalen Rozelle, and Jarred Kennedy were consulted for the episode, as well as David "Phreak" Turley a caster of the NA LCS.

It is not even the first time that the mainstream world deals with dealing with export. Netflix for example, told the League of Legends Championship Series (LCS) in the 7 Days Out series, a "behind the scenes" documentary of what happens in the organization of a major event.

Another documentary by Netflix " Explained ", in episode 8 deals with explaining the export.

Neymar saw his PSG greet the Champions in the company of Ninja. Jimmy Fallon and Ellen DeGeneres comedians and various television programs continue to confront each other more and more frequently on these issues.

On March 17, Fox will therefore broadcast the new episode of the Simpsons called " And My Sports ". Bart, in essence, starts competing in a game called " Conflict of Enemies ". The game will be very similar to League of Legends; Homer will be so passionate about starting to coach the team.

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