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Everyeye Band in Country Roads: here is the launch date of the video clip!

The amazing trio of post-apocalyptic strumbers of the Everyeye Band composed by Francesco Fossetti, Tommaso "Todd" Montagnoli and Alessandro Bruni announces official launch date of the video clip Country Roads the music piece realized thanks to the support of the bakers on Kickstarter.

The singing performance that will dictate the artistic standards of modern musical productions for the next centuries can be admired by all lovers of video games that populate this spiral arm of the Milky Way starting from Thursday, May 23 .

After a long planning phase, the studio and outdoor shooting of the Country Roads videoclip started in early March and involved the experienced Penumbria Studio team, with the band's support The Soul Sailors & the Fucker. The program of the trio of heroes from the radioactive uvula of the Everyeye Band also includes the making of a video with the best bloopers that will show, in all their glory, all the ducks committed during registration.

Waiting for it to face May 23 to admire this masterpiece with you, we shamelessly take advantage of the opportunity to thank all the bakers who contributed to the success of the initiative by actively supporting us during the Kickstarer campaign. Meanwhile, on these pages you can see a teaser trailer for Country Roads.

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