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Everyeye presents Side Quest, a new video for the Twitch channel!

The editors of Everyeye is tireless and continues to give birth to new ideas. Today, it is pleased to announce the birth of Side Quest a new video book for the channel Twitch to cadence exquisitely irregular .

During the episodes of Side Quest we will choose a game that will act as a frame for a long chat about … what's up! You got it right: we will spend some evenings with friends, maybe munching a snack after dinner, or enjoying a dessert with friends. This new format has been christened Side Quest because it will have as protagonists of the open world games in which we will devote ourselves in a very relaxed manner to secondary activities, without the pressure of history and events. In essence, we will have fun wandering around the game world chatting!

The first episode of Side Quest will air tomorrow 27 February at 21:00 of course on the channel Twitch of Everyeye, to which you are warmly invited to register. To avoid missing the first appointment with the new Video Phonebook, we advise you to click on the heart symbol at the top right of the Twitch home in order to activate the reception of notifications on your devices. We look forward to seeing you!

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