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Evolarty 2019: presented on video the action sci-fi Reborn The Mark of the Blood

The sci-fi adventure Reborn The Mark of the Blood is one of the many interactive experiences presented during Svilupparty 2019, the tenth edition of the Bologna event that celebrates the talent of young developers, designers, programmers and digital artists Italians

As we can guess by admiring the demo proposed to us by the authors of this project, Reborn: The Mark of the Blood drops users in a dimension leaded into chaos because of a swarm of meteorites which, after wiping out civilization, it will flood the world with mutant creatures and force survivors to hide behind the perimeter walls of last city on Earth .

The game scenes immortalized in the trailer show the interaction between our alter-ego and the inhabitants of the commercial district of this futuristic enclave. The 2066 outlined by the development team of The Mark of the Blood thus places action adventure enthusiasts within a graphic and narrative context with bright tones, multiple choice dialogues and a discrete free roaming component and stealth to act as a glue between the different missions.

Among the other titles that will enrich the developmentisty 2019 program between May 17th and 19th in Bologna, we also highlight the cyberpunk stealth Breathless, the arcade multiplayer Immortal Party, the MMORPG Fractured and the hack'n'slash in the Gothic style Hippocampus.

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