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Fade to Silence arrives in late April, new game trailer

The developer Black Forest Games today announced that Fade to Silence will be available for PlayStation 4, PS4 PRO, Xbox One, Xbox One X and PC from April 30.

The storyline of the game will now be accessible in full

Early Access was useful for fine-tuning all the mechanisms of the game and now the most important part will be added: History. What triggered the apocalypse? Where does the infection that is spreading everywhere come from? What happened to Ash's family? Now you can finally find out!

Survival diary

We have added an automated diary which will report relevant information on Ash's adventure, whenever he comes across something new: an area, a new follower, a new creature or game mechanic.

A brand new tutorial

Surviving the post-apocalypse is difficult and challenging. We have revised the tutorial from scratch, to make the first steps in the game world easier for new players and to offer new tips to veteran players.

Dream a little dream …

When Ash rests, he will have of particular dreams in which he will face his inner voice thus learning new information about the world around him and about history. Of course each of these sequences can be reviewed through the new dream gallery, so as not to lose any connection.

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