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Fallout 76: details on the new Wild Appalachia creation system

Last week Bethesda gave us a glimpse of the free expansions, game modes and features coming to Fallout 76 during 2019. Today, he shared new information about a new creation system of the first major update, Wild Appalachia arriving in March.

New system of creation: Growth and Distillation
The mixing station is a workbench that can be built starting from the mission Fear and delirium with Nuka-Shine . This station can be placed in C.A.M.P. and can be used to create various drinks for adults: beers, cocktails, wines and liqueurs. But raising your elbow requires a little attention: every drink will involve a bonus, but at the same time it will also have a negative effect and, just as in reality, it will cause hangovers.

Some drinks, like wines and liqueurs , require an additional fermentation time before being ready to be served on the table. Their effects will continue to grow as they are left to ferment. During "Fear and Loathing with Nuka-Shine" there will also be a way to learn how to create the Fermenter. Creating one in C.A.M.P. it will be possible to insert the various drinks to reduce the time necessary for their completion. Here is a preview of some drinks that will be created with this new Fallout 76 system:

Wines and liqueurs
Wines and liqueurs require fermentation to give the best of their effects as "fresh" drinks. If a certain amount of time passes, however, from "fresh" they will become "vintage", obtaining even more powerful additional effects. This is what the liqueur known as Pyrotechnic Whiskey does:

  • "Fresco" effect: Melee attacks cause spontaneous combustion, damaging the character and his enemies
  • "Vintage" effect: In addition to the "Fresco" effect , the Pyrotechnic Whiskey ignites enemies through ballistic or melee attacks
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Beers require fermentation, but they are better fresh and do not have a "vintage" status. A frozen glass of Luppoloppio makes anyone an unstoppable predator:

  • "Fresh" effect Improves target stability and damage to animals, but reduces SPAV accuracy

Blended beverages
Mixed beverages do not require fermentation and their effects do not change. Dismissing a Tequila Sunrise Bold blood, the appetite will soon be satisfied.

  • Effects: The melee attacks brought to sign can cause a disease to the character, but also fill the starvation bar.

Anyone who wants to add these or other drinks to his repertoire as a barman can turn from time to time to Biv . Speaking with Biv every day, you will get one of two repeatable daily missions. The first will allow you to learn new recipes for mixing and distillation at each completion, while the second will be a real test to test the consequences of the intake of alcohol.

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