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Fallout 76: the Paradise Project event arrives with the next update

Despite the lack of critical and sales success, Fallout 76 continues to be supported by Bethesda with numerous updates and free content. The next of these is the event that takes the name of Project Paradise and will arrive next week.

This new endgame activity will put you against creatures of level 50 or higher and it can be started in the Appalachia Forest area. Reach the waiting room of the Arktos Pharma building and, via the elevator, you will be able to go down to the basement and visit the dangerous laboratories. The areas involved in Progetto Paradiso have various types of biomes and not all the creatures that inhabit the underground of Arktos Pharma are dangerous. To complete the event in question the developers recommend to be accompanied by a small group of players since the opponents will put you to the test. Completing the activity will allow you to obtain a large quantity of experience points and new pieces of equipment.

The Paradiso Project Event will arrive next Tuesday, May 21st 2019 with the update that will bring the game at version 9.5. Meanwhile, the developers have announced that today, the Collector, a new merchant, will arrive in West Virginia ready to trade your legendary scraps for more or less rare items.

We remind you that the latest Fallout patch 76 introduced backpacks and allowed players to turn into merchants. Did you know that the video clip of the Everyeye Band in Country Road, the movie starring Franscesco Fossetti, Alessandro Bruni and Tommaso "Todd" Montagnoli, is coming?

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