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Fallout 76: User Creates a Deadly Maze with Deathclaw Attached!

While waiting for the Fasnacht Parade to begin, and with it the new activities of Wild Appalachia, in the post-apocalyptic dimension of Fallout 76 there are those who enjoy fooling time by building a deadly maze in which to trap the unsuspecting explorers of the Contaminated Zone of West Virginia.

A certain Korindabar, as he himself testifies with the eloquent video that you can see at the beginning of the article, has in fact decided to interpret the role of the villain more amoral by drawing deceiving the other players of Fallout 76 to push them into a giant maze of sheet metal and find out how they deal with a monstrous Deathclaw .

The strategy adopted by Korindabar and its no less disturbing alter-ego is simple and involves a quick exploration of the map to reach low level players to invite them to test the mechanisms of their camp with the promise of receive in exchange for the Stoppers and useful objects to survive the horrors of West Virginia

Once inside the labyrinth, a structure that does not give rise to particular concerns due to the absence of the roof and the poor quality of the materials used to build the perimeter walls, the unfortunate players who fell into the trap find themselves in the middle of a macabre show starring themselves and a "nice" Deathclaw. The author of the labyrinth has even built a raised walkway to enjoy the terrible spectacle from a height unreachable by novice Fallout 76 users, that is, lacking perks, abilities or mutations that increase the size of the jump.

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