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Fallout 76 Wild Appalachia: first details about Patch 7 next week

Bethesda unveiled the first information on Patch 7 of Fallout 76 which will be published on all platforms during the next week.

Upgrade to question will include the first part of the contents of Wild Appalachia, including the new system of mixing and distilling and missions, as well as interventions aimed at balancing and solving bugs reported by players. The full patch notes will be released simultaneously with the launch, which should be scheduled for March 12 but in the meantime Bethesda provided the first details about:

  • Balancing heavy weapons and energy : patch 7 will greatly increase the resistance and damage of many heavy weapons and energy, so you can eliminate enemies more quickly and spend less time repairing the equipment;
  • Changes to the CAMP budget and of the workshop : the space consumed by many constructable objects such as turrets and lights will be considerably reduced, but may be included in the C.A.M.P. or in the workshop in limited quantities. For each object, in the Construction menu you will see the quantity already present in your CAMP, including the stored ones, and the total quantity you can place
  • Changes to the positioning of the CAMP : starting from Patch 7 new zones will be inserted not buildable "in the gaming world, which will prevent players from building CAMP in certain areas. Players who have already built in those areas will receive a message that will invite them to build elsewhere and a free placement.
  • Monitoring Challenges : the map will be enhanced with a new system of monitoring the challenges. Those available will be selected and tracked, and progress will be updated in real time and will be reported with a notification.
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For more information on the missions and ways that will be included in Wild Appalachia, and on future expansions, we invite you to consult the road map for 2019 of Fallout 76.

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