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Far Cry 5 is the most sold Ubisoft game on consoles of this generation!

Recently, the leaders Ubisoft presented the last commercial results obtained by the Company in a financial meeting. According to the latter, Far Cry 5 represented one of the pillars that characterized the last fiscal year.

According to the French software house, in fact, the fifth chapter of the Far Cry series marked record results: " Following the first thirteen months of its launch, Far Cry 5 has now become the most successful Ubisoft game in terms of units sold on current-generation consoles ". This remarkable result has evidently increased the importance of the entire videogame saga represented by it. In this regard, Ubisoft highlights how " title after title, we were able to achieve solid and consistent growth for the Far Cry franchise" . Not surprisingly, the development teams of the French software house have decided to expand the narrative universe created with the fifth episode, through the publication of the sequel Far Cry New Dawn .

On the occasion of the presentation of the latest financial results, Ubisoft has also had the opportunity to turn its gaze to the future, announcing that it is planning to publish three new AAA games by the end of March 2020. The new fiscal year is therefore expected to be dense for the software house, which has already confirmed its presence at Entertainment Software Expo, through the Ubisoft E3 2019 conference.

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