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Fire Storm: Battlefield 5 Battle Royale mode is available

The boys of EA DICE and the authors of Criterion keep their word to the fans of Battlefield 5 and confirm the arrival of Tempesta di Fuoco, the new update of BF5 which introduces the long awaited Battle Royale mode inside the gigantic Havoy map

Big more than ten times the largest map of the "canonical" multiplayer of Battlefield 5, the snowy Havoy peninsula will be the backdrop to the spectacular battles that will take place among all the fans of the title 'inside of lobby made up of as many as 64 players .

To cover the entire surface of this huge setting, Fire Storm users will be able to use land, sea and air vehicles including five new media made specifically for this mode. From the point of view of the petty gameplay mechanics, therefore, the playful experience promised by Firestorm will follow the dictates of the best battle royale and, consequently, will oblige each digital soldier to gain the battlefield without any equipment and to move quickly together to his team to find the weapons, protections and tools placed in strategic locations and in bunkers scattered around the Havoy map.

There will also be a refueling system which will provide the most experienced users with the possibility to use the V-1 rocket, call up artillery attacks and request assistance with heavy armament combat vehicles.

Parallel to the publication of Tempest of Fire and related images that you find in the gallery, recently the authors of EA DICE have compiled the list of updates and expansions of their shooter by publishing the exhaustive infogr afica of the Battlefield 5 Roadmap 2019.

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