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For Bloomberg Nintendo Switch Pro "is not currently under development"

For several months now we have been talking about the arrival of two new versions of Nintendo Switch for the time being without official names (on the other hand the same consoles have not yet been confirmed by Nintendo ), but known in the environment as Switch Lite and Switch Pro.

Many were in fact ready to swear that the time had come for a restyling for Nintendo's hybrid console, which had a global success, but which perhaps should update to cope with the imminent arrival of the consoles next-gen .

Nintendo Switch Lite was also confirmed by the authoritative financial newspaper Bloomberg which even gives it in arrival within end of June. So it would be almost two months until the new incarnation of Switch arrives, which some say will be an economic version and dedicated mainly to gaming in portable mode, while other voices claim that it will still be connected to the TV via dock station.

But Bloomberg has also launched another important revelation, namely that version Pro for the time is not really in Nintendo's plans . A more performing Switch model, as it had been rumored in the past, would therefore not be in progress.

At the moment it is unclear whether such statements will imply that the Grande N has no intention of releasing an advanced Switch model, or if it simply does not come out in 2019. For the moment we just have to wait for further explanations. In the meantime, the Nintendo Switch 8.0.1 update has arrived: have you already downloaded it?

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What do you think? Would you buy a new version of the console or are you satisfied with the current one?

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