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For Honor, two years later: from the beginning to success, looking to the future

For Honor at the time of the release, he did not start exactly on the right foot. The stones know this too. The defects were macroscopic and impossible to mask with some simple corrective patches. It was the first months of 2017 and the hype for the peculiar brawler signed by Ubisoft Montréal grown out of all proportion after the 2015 revelation, was quickly eroded due to important critical issues. to ruin the gaming experience from the start. The greatest difficulties were recorded in relation to the decision to rest the title (whose preponderant part, we remember, is the competitive online) on the shaky philosophy of P2P. Chaos immediately broke out and, for a time, the fate of the title seemed marked. Just enough time to rearrange ideas, understand community requests and plan for recovery.

As we have already mentioned on several occasions, in fact, Ubisoft (and in particular the boys of Montréal) are specialized in straightening games, catching them in " Zona Cesarini " and making them even born again. Perhaps it will be the philosophy of " game as a service " that leads the development teams to take into account a bumpy route, profiled over a very long period of time. The fact is that, in these years, the Canadian magicians have been able to resume raw material to refine it in something totally new and successful. Take, just to give an example, the miraculous rebirth of Rainbow Six Siege. Far from letting such an original and promising intellectual property adrift, Ubisoft has therefore rolled up its sleeves: the challenge, of course, has presented itself from the beginning really difficult but, slowly and proceeding with a coherent plan, the title is He was incredibly put back on track.

Now For Honor out of the tunnel of desperation he had slipped into, he was about to enter his third year of life with a flood of new content, which they promise to please both old fans and new potential players. Recall that after losing 95% of its base player in the months following the release, the title has been reborn coming to touch (last October) even fifteen million active users. Players who have rewarded the work carried out by Ubisoft which has managed to give the public two things: passion and hope.

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Post fata resurgo

Since that black February of 2017, the title has changed decidedly face. First of all, dedicated servers have arrived, a " innovation " that has overturned the gaming experience. Of course, it took a year but, since their implementation, the players have finally been able to enjoy the much desired stability and a title finally complete.

In addition to the countless corrective patches dedicated to the resolution of various bugs and imbalances, then, For Honor has been renovated starting from the foundations: the team has updated the textures, introduced a renewed lighting system, as well as enriched with new animations and polygonal models for pre-existing warriors. The redesigned interface helps the player to better read the faction wars, the deployment of the troops and the banner and there was also a complete redesign of the equipment. Banned all the statistics we were used to from the beginning, the different bonuses were actually summarized in an unprecedented system, that of " Privilegi ", which provides an effect when this is activated thanks to the right combination among the various pieces of equipment.
Ubisoft's gore brawler has also grown to welcome new, deadly heroes, battlefields and unprecedented game modes. In short, resuming playing For Honor today means finding yourself learning again the fundamentals of warfare. The gameplay of all the heroes (with particular attention to the defensive phase and to the more technical and fast ones) was in fact deeply revised and modified, in order to fill as much as possible the gap between the various classes.

little, if we consider that, at the beginning, the fighters were twelve (now they are even twenty-three, with others that will be added later), each one characterized by very different equipment and skills. In addition, we must not forget that, alongside the finishing work, over time the roster has been enriched with new additions regularly … and even from a completely new faction with four legends Wu Lin, joined by the winds of war of Marching Fire.?

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Now, net of the problems affecting the balance of new fighters (clearly physiological, at the time of their debut on live servers), Ubisoft has shown not only to listen to the community but also to act promptly to make all the changes of the case. For example, for the beginning of the third year, three heroes (Pacificatrice, Condottiero and Shugoki) received important adjustments that heavily modified their playability.

The development team, aware of the need to attract new users (in addition to not removing what is already there), has also " filed " slightly the barrier to entry by introducing a tutorial system completely new: articulated on more tests, enriched with explanatory videos and precise in accompanying the player from the simplest moves up to the advanced slant.

Not only that: the reward system has also been revised, to allow players to grow in a fair and constant way, removing the spectrum (at the very beginning) of an unbalanced business model on " pay to win ". As we said earlier, therefore, the work of the development team has branched out in different directions: alongside the technical restructuring, the title has enjoyed excellent and courageous support over the months. For Honor's game offer has been enriched with new modes such as, for example, Tributo and the latest – very welcome – additions, implemented with the latest expansion Marching Fire .

Finally, after twenty months, the Assault mode has arrived, that is, to sum up in one sentence, " all that For Honor had to be at the beginning and it was not ". In this sense, we are talking about a brutal middle age … and the brutal sieges are lacking? Assault has finally given the title that dynamism that was lacking.

Assault, in fact, is nothing but a full-blown siege that recovers the concept of the mode "Escort the load" and mixes it with some elements extrapolated from the genre MOBA. The "load" in question is nothing but a huge ram that must be escorted under the walls of the fortress by the attackers, to break down the doors and thus create a breach, up to the Commander of the castle. Assault is a very fun, eventful (but never chaotic) mode and has a really valuable strategic touch, which has gone to fill a big gap.

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We were given … hope

2019 marks the completion of the third year for For Honor. And the growth prospects are still very positive for the Ubisoft brawler. As we said at the beginning, the transalpine colossus has made the public perceive two important and not foregone things: passion and hope. The development team was attentive and always well disposed towards the community, which he listened with great dedication. A unique effort that has borne fruit and now allows us to look to the future with different eyes, full of hope.

The roadmap for the new year is clear and drawn. For Honor will grow under the sign of continuity. This year, in fact, new improvements will come, game modes, maps, seasonal events and unreleased heroes for all four factions.

At the end of January, the first fighter belonging to the Knights faction, the Black Prior, entered the battlefield. Belonging to an ancient Setta once loyal to Apollyon, these heavily specialized knights on defense have now emancipated themselves and are aiming to reestablish their influence under another master.

With the second season of the Year 3, however, a new hero will arrive for the Samurai while Vikings and Wu-Lin will follow in the following. For Honor finally, being a title that strongly points on competitiveness (especially in 1vs1), has also seen flourish an export scene all in all discrete, with Open Cup weekly and tournaments spread all over the globe. For example, at the end of last year the For Honor Italian Duel was held, which saw an excellent turnout and participation from the community. Who knows that 2019 does not bring great news even for what concerns competitive gaming.

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