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Fortnite 8, Guide to the map: Lagoon Languida, Scalini rampenati, all the new locations

With the arrival of the Fortnite Season 8, the Battle Royale map of Epic Games welcomed several innovations within it. In this mini-guide we will talk about the new locations and all the new features introduced on the island of Fortnite Battaglia Reale .


The volcano looks like the the most important novelty of the Fortnite Season 8 map. Epic Games had announced its arrival with the appearance of several seismic phenomena. It all culminated with the emergence of a huge volcano that reshaped the northeastern portion of the map. The volcano has replaced the Temple Tomato, an area that no longer exists. It also influenced the surrounding areas with its large lava flow flowing south.

This lava is dangerous. Touching it will damage you by making you lose your health points, so be sure to avoid it. If you head to the top of the volcano, you can see that the mouth is still open. Looking down, you will notice an explosive current, similar to what is seen with the floating island of the sixth season.

Laguna Languida

The volcano is not the only big change in the map. With the arrival of Season 8, the pirates landed on the island and began their invasion, bringing with them a new location called Laguna Languida . Pastimes Pomposi no longer exists and has been transformed into a wonderful water refuge.

The lagoon has a large lake where you can relax and a river that runs to the sea that surrounds the island. There is a nice resort that you can visit, as well as a huge pirate ship moored in the surroundings. Both the buildings and the ship offer fantastic landscapes and lots of treasure chests and booties.

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Scalini Scatenati

Another completely new location is Scalini Scatenati located to the east of the new volcano. A rather interesting area to explore that has taken the place of Bosco Blaterante.

Scalini Scatenati seems to be inspired by the architectures of the Aztecs and those of other Mesoamerican cultures. The buildings are mostly temples, with a few other smaller structures scattered around them. There are many places to explore in this location, with the possibility of finding a good amount of crates and loot. Hanging around here is absolutely worth it.


For those who do not remember, the District was presented last season as part of Season 7. It was a surprise announced to the Game Awards 2018, a new area that would have constantly hosted new creations made by fans.

From now on, since the beginning of Season 8, the District has a fantastic castle that can be explored freely, rich in treasures and loot that can be found inside it. An area of ​​the map that you should visit during the matches.

Other changes

Among the other novelties there are seven encampments of pirates scattered in the map. The planes are no longer available, but in their place we find the cannons of the pirates, powerful fire stations able to eliminate the enemies and blow up buildings. The cannon acts as a kind of vehicle, since you will have to drive it and you can push it anywhere.

There are also small volcanic ducts scattered in the north-eastern part of the island. Moving upstairs you can receive an upward push, with the possibility to glide in mid-air. The demolished house of Salty Springs has now been repaired and can be explored. To see for yourself all the changes to the Fortnite Season 8 map, you can take a look at the video at the top.

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