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Fortnite 8: news and improvements coming soon on iOS and Android

Epic Games released a list of the problems of Fortnite Mobile which will be resolved with Season 8, simultaneously with the publication of the update 8.0.0 planned for Thursday, February 28.

Problems Fortnite Mobile

  • At times the console / touch interface shows that the input is blocked even if you use a controller for mobile or touch device
  • The interaction with objects when the line of sight is blocked should no longer occur.
  • This includes: ziplines, treasure chests, vending machines and loot on the ground
  • Fixed in v8.00
  • When players change modes and use the quick bar to place the buildings, you can re-enter Combat mode.
  • Players can not move from standing to crouch when modifying structures
  • Fixed in v8.00
  • Modification problems with the button. For example, at some moments the players can not select the units to change.
  • Using the automatic stroke without the controller activates the automatic trigger

With the release of the update v7.40, we have added the new button dedicated modification and some improvements to the turbo construction. Your recommendations on the latest changes are valuable, especially now that we are approaching the release of Fortnite Season 8

More details are available on the official Fortnite website, the issues highlighted above should be resolved with the arrival of Fortnite Season 8 but it is not excluded that for some of these problems it may take longer than expected …

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