Fortnite 8: we listen to a preview of all the music of the Pass of the Battle


Today, the Season 8 of Fortnite, which brought with it the new Cannone Pirata three new points of interest and a system of heroes renewed for Save the World. As expected, the data miners immediately got to work and, among other things, they managed to extrapolate all the music of the Battle Pass.

The Pass of the Battle, as it is well known, includes 100 levels to climb and an even greater number of rewards. These include music that players can listen to while browsing the menus or waiting in the lobby. The first, Ehilà requires the achievement of level 12, while the second, Coro Corallino level 54 (unlockable also by users without Passes to payment). For the most coveted of all, Stellar Power we must instead reach the level 92.

In the game you can hear their preview by going over it with the cursor, but thanks to the extrapolated files we can listen in peace from the PC or mobile devices. You find them attached at the end of the news, in the order in which we have described them. What is your favorite track? Among the other objects found in the game files is the new vehicle Sphere for hamsters!