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Fortnite 8: when it starts, when it ends, theme and leak of the new season

There are only a few hours left to start Fortnite Season 8 : the new Season of the Battle Royale will officially begin tomorrow (Thursday 28 February), discover together all the news of Fortnite 8 , the start date, the end date, the theme and the leaks of the last hours

Fortnite Season 8: when it begins and when it ends

Fortnite Season 8 will begin Thursday, February 28th in the late morning, the timetable the beginning has not been communicated but we can expect offline servers for maintenance from 10:00 (Italian time) and the rollout of the update 8.0.0 between 11:00 and 14:00. The season will go on for ten weeks, until May 7, we can therefore expect themed events dedicated to Easter and spring.

Fortnite 8 Theme

What will be the theme of Fortnite Season 8? According to some rumors , the new season will focus on settings and pirate characters (Sea of ​​Thieves style) even if the last teaser image released by Epic Games seems to suggest the presence of dragons, which could be born from the hatching of the eggs. ..

Fortnite 8 Leak

The leaks on Fortnite 8 have not been lacking in recent weeks, although the number of advances has been significantly lower than in the past. Almost certainly we will witness the destruction of Pendulum Pinnacles and the destruction of the island due to an earthquake: " Season 8 will begin when a devastating earthquake will tear the island to pieces Find out what has changed in places like Pinnacles Pendants or Pole Peak and venture into the new areas! "

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The hub Sharky Shrubs should also make its appearance with the new season, there will also be news regarding Save The World, with interesting changes to the hero system. Finally, there is also talk of new vehicles (in addition to Driftboard ) and of course skins and challenges, in this regard we remember that Season Pass Season 8 is free for those who have completed the 13 Extra Challenges.

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