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Fortnite: a user tries to imagine the Twitch Prime coverage

A good deal of time has now passed since the publication of the last Twitch Prime Pack by Fortnite Battaglia Reale, in which there were only costumes, hang gliders and pickaxes.

The set of objects cannot boast the fact presence of a cover for weapons and vehicles, content arrived only recently. Precisely for this reason, a user has tried to imagine what the official camouflage Twitch Prime could be like and has created an interesting concept that he then published in the official Reddit of the battle royale. The image in question shows us a grenade launcher, a pistol and a shotgun with the skin on which the main colors are, of course, gray and purple. I wonder if this image will ever reach the top floors of Epic Games and Twitch, which could draw inspiration for a new package dedicated to all Prime users.

In the meantime, we invite you to read the latest statements by Tfue, the Fortnite champion which could leave the competitive scene immediately after the World Cup. With the latest update of the object store, it was also possible to purchase musical themes for the menu, which until now have been available exclusively among the rewards of the Battle Pass.

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