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Fortnite: after DJ Marshmello a collaboration with the Weezer?

If you have not lived on the moon for the past few weeks, you will surely have come across the news of DJ Marshmello's live concert on Fortnite a historic video game event, with a peak of 10.7 millions of users connected at the same time

Collaborations of this kind make sense how much the world of videogames and its community has changed, and above all they give an idea of ​​the power of aggregation of Fortnite almost become a social network as well as a real game.

Perhaps it is also in view of this that there seems to be another musical-themed contamination for Battle Royale by Epic Games , with the rock band of Weezer . In the creative mode in fact there are now an island decorated with the iconic W of the band's logo, and a juke box that plays songs, coincidentally, exclusively them.

It could be a promotional event, since the band captained by Rivers Cuomo (also a big fan of the game) has released two records in 2019, known at the time as The Teal Album and The Black Album.

That there is therefore a new concert to ' horizon? We'll find out probably in the next few days. Would you like it? In the meantime you can read on our website all the latest news on Season 8 of Fortnite.

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