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Fortnite and Avengers Endgame? Clue to an event from a Creative Director of Epic Games!

Over time, Epic Games has accustomed players to a large number of surprises and special events, dedicated to the most disparate themes, among which we can mention, among others, San Valentino or San Patrizio. [19659002] It seems, however, that the Software House may have something in store for the upcoming launch of the new movie chapter of the avengers' adventures, which we talked about in our in-depth analysis of the Avengers Endgame Trailer. The first rumors about it emerged only a few days ago, when the activity of the dataminer found some references to a possible return of the MAT dedicated to Thanos in Fortnite .

To increase curiosity and the expectations of active players on the battle royale we now think a member of the same Epic Games . As you can verify at the bottom of this news, Donald Mustard Creative Director at Software House, has posted a very intriguing twitter on his official Twitter account. Attached to the latter we find in fact a image of the actor Robert Downey Jr famous Iron Man / Tony Stark interpreter. The latter wears a light blue T-shirt on which the writing "Fortnite" is clearly visible and, if this were not enough, to accompany the image we find the following text: " You look fit Robert Downey Jr See you soon! #Teamdowney ".

As expected, the Tweet immediately caught the attention of the Fortnite Community, which now wonders if Epic Games actually has any surprises in store. For now, nothing has been officially communicated by Software House: all that remains is to wait for any news on the matter!

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