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Fortnite and eSports arrive on TV on DMAX on March 2nd and 3rd

It will be the cameras of DMAX to capture a historical passage for the export movement in Italy: on 2 and 3 March ESL Katowice Royale arrives live on Italian TV! ESL Katowice Royale is an international Fortnite competition in which the biggest names of the community will compete, for a total prize money of € 500,000

Among the various players from all over the world and ready to challenge for the final victory, there will also be Giorgio "Pow3r" Calandrelli one of the spearheads of the national movement of the export and pro-player of the Team Fnatic professional team of the most famous internationally. The cameras of DMAX will then resume live the tournament of Fortnite from 2 to 3 March, to certify the continuous and constant growth of exports in Italy, on the basis of what has been happening for years in other countries of the world, where international video game tournaments have "Live" television coverage in dedicated channels where we talk exclusively about eSports.

Saturday 2 March from 2 pm to 2.30 pm, the program House of esports will be focused on a series of recap and highliths of the first day, while Sunday 3 March from 7.00 to 20.00 there will be 60 minutes of live with the main actions of the final stages of the tournament, special guests in the studio and dedicated interviews. The program will be conducted Daniele Bossari assisted by Thomas "HAL" Avallone and Ivan "RampageInTheBox" Grieco. To complete the already rich picture, on the website DPLAY – the digital platform of Discovery – it will be possible to find more videos, exclusive interviews and in-depth analyzes. On the Twitch ESL Italia channel the full live coverage of the Fortnite competition will be covered, for the first time in Italian.

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