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Fortnite: check out a new area of ​​instant death near Turtle Temple!

Intrigued by the message from Epic Games that suggested to explorers on the island of Fortnite not to visit an area of ​​the map due to a bug that causes the instant death of their character, users of Reddit They started to look for new "areas of death" and claim to have already found one .

According to the frequent frequenter of the Reddit forum known as SlevinVega and several other incomes, in a of the areas adjacent to the District seems to have formed a point able to immediately dry up the shield and energy points of the Fortnite players who have the misfortune of venturing into it.

Unlike the area of ​​ -death emerged from the petroglyph of the fork and knife dug north of Lande Letali, this new black hole would prove to be much more sneaky for the imposs the user, to determine its actual point, and then to pay attention to it after having made the risk in the neighborhood that, we remember, is currently dominated by the magnificent architectural structures of Turtle Temple.

link that you find at the bottom of the news you can admire a movie recorded by the redditor as evidence of the discovery made. In the meantime, we remind those who follow that the Challenges of Week 2 of Season 8 on the theme "pirates against ninja" by Fortnite Battaglia Reale are currently available, and that on these pages you can already find the Guides to complete the various phases.

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