Fortnite: coming the epic and legendary variants of the Infantry Rifle?


Data Miners discovered the existence of a new weapon in the files of the update 8.00 which kicked off the Fortnite Season 8.

The code is indicated by the string BattleRifleSixties and, at the moment, its true nature is unknown. According to some, behind this name could be concealed the epic and legendary variants of the Infantry Rifle which made its debut in the game at the end of Season 7. This weapon has all the air of being still incomplete and subject to changes, so the statistics unearthed by the data miner, which we report below, could be provisional:

  • Damage: 47
  • Load capacity: 8
  • Recharge time 2,185 seconds [19659004] Type of ammunition: medium projectiles

At its debut, in any case, it may not be long, given that the time seems ripe for the inclusion of a new weapon in the game. We take this opportunity to inform you that the Challenges of Week 2 of Season 8 have already leaked online, which will start Thursday, March 7 . Meanwhile, today the objects of the set Counter-skin Reflected included – once exclusive to the buyers of the video cards of NVIDIA .