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Fortnite: Epic asks fans to express themselves on Matchmaking with Rankings

The introduction of a matchmaking based on competitive rankings has always been one of the elements most requested by the Fortnite Battaglia Reale community. Also for this reason, the top of Epic Games decided to address their fans directly with a "themed" poll.

Several users of the oceanic audience of Fortnite fans who meet daily on the forums of Reddit claim to have received a satisfaction rating from Epic Games asking them to specify their level of "videogame satisfaction" guaranteed by the multiplayer experience with the most famous battle royale in the world (Apex Legends permitting).

One of the questions of the survey, in fact, asks users of the Fortnite community to provide the Epic Games social team with their opinion regarding the possible introduction of a matchmaking system different from the current one, with competitive rankings that know how to "reorganize the lobbies" so as to separate the players according to their level of ability .

The complete reformulation of the online game search system of Fortnite Battaglia Reale, currently managed in a unified manner and without any kind of distinction (except for the parameters related to their connection and the geographical region they belong to ), should result in a substantial change to the current matchmaking of the Epic Games online shooter, with a layering of the players who, in the hopes of the proponents this change, should ensure a gameplay experience congruous to their skills and, therefore, more satisfying .

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