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Fortnite: Epic Games announces the date and l

After leaving behind the problems of the ESL Katowice Royale caused by the bugs of the Fortnite update that marked the beginning of Season 8, the boys of Epic Games announce the date and the arrival time of Content Update which will bring the battle royale to version 8.01 on PCs, mobile systems and consoles

The tradition linking the Fortnite updates to the customary reset of the weekly activities on Tuesday, the US gaming giant has decided to fix at 10:00 of Wednesday, March 6 the scheduled maintenance of the most famous and played multiplayer shooter servers. of the world (Apex Legends permitting).

In the announcement message of the intervention linked to the Content Update of version 8.01 of Fortnite, the editors of Epic social channels do not specify the duration of the maintenance . Considering the generous injection of content occurred with the update that opened the Pirate-themed Season 8, and the consequent problems reported by the community, it would not be surprising if the maintenance phase lasted for more than half an hour. [19659003] The update in question, in any case, promises to close the most serious flaws unwillingly open by the American developers with the Season 8: among the most annoying bugs that have affected the game experience of the explorers of the island of Fortnite Battle Royal , and that should be resolved with the 8.01 update, we mention the bug-Pigeon bugs, the crashes complained by users of the console versions and the problems in the audio sector.

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