Fortnite: Epic Games removes the Razzobottiglia and changes the values ​​of some objects


Fortnite update 8.01 has brought several new features to the game, and in the patch notes released a few hours ago there are other important changes regarding the game, especially in the drop rate of some objects and in the elimination of bottled missiles , i Razzobottiglia .

With the introduction of Buried Treasures, Epic Games decided to change the possibility of obtaining the Infantry Rifles and Clinger : the rate of rifles has decreased by 1% in the chests and 0.2% in the loot on the ground, which should not have a major impact in the match, unlike the Clingers, who pass from 9.42% chance in the treasure chests at a probability of 5.52%, thus considerably decreasing their availability.

Players can therefore expect matches with less clingers and rifles, but since Epic did not add objects with similar effects in the metagame, the only effects The change in the method of play will be to use the two objects with greater prudence, which could perhaps give the games a bit more strategy.

As we said instead, the Bottle Rockets were eliminated from the play in the various Playlist default combinations, LTMs and events, but remain available in specific modes such as " Unvaulted ".

What do you think of these changes?