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Fortnite: Epic Games will create an unpublished map for l

Epic Games could be preparing something special for an event that will involve Ninja, one of the best known Content Creators and Streamers active in the panorama of Fortnite .

The latter will be soon host of an event organized by Samsung and called Ninja X iKON . Organized as part of the promotional campaign for the new smartphone Samsung Galaxy S10, the event will take place next Saturday, March 16 . This date could be of particular interest for the entire Fortnite Community. It seems in fact that Epic Games is making an unpublished map just for this occasion

To bring out this possibility is the same Ninja who during a streaming briefly discussed his participation in the event, releasing some interesting statements. From these it seems to emerge the fact that Fortnite's Software House developer is working on a new content specifically for the event . As you can see in the clip at the bottom of this news, Ninja seems to refer to a new map specially created for Ninja X iKON.

So far, however, no further information is available. Epic Games had previously confirmed that an exclusive Skin would be available on Fortnite Mobile for buyers of Samsung Galaxy S10 +, called Ikonik. However, many days are not lacking in the event and we will soon be able to find out what the Software House has actually planned!

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