Fortnite: Epic Games will not power down the Heavy Precision Rifle


The Heavy Precision Rifle is undoubtedly one of the most powerful weapons of Fortnite Royal Battle. The two variants Epic and Legendary are capable of inflicting, respectively, 150 and 157 points of damage per shot, which in many cases are more than enough to bring down an enemy with a single well-placed bullet.

The community is currently uniform. On the one hand there are the detractors of the weapon, who for months have been clamoring for its weakening. On the other hand, however, there are those who appreciate the current balance and who do not consider an intervention appropriate. A player belonging to the second side, a certain Garrison, opened a discussion on Reddit to ask Epic Games to leave everything as it is and not to listen to those who complain about the high effectiveness of the weapon.

The discussion was animated very quickly: while we write you can count on as many as 2,800 comments and over 17,000 positive votes! Epic Games therefore felt compelled to intervene to clarify once and for all its points of view, explaining that "although the balance of weapons is always subject to changes, at the moment there is no plan to modify the Heavy Rifle ".

The American company is therefore satisfied with the current balance of the weapon and has no intention of modifying it in the near future. Before saying goodbye, we take this opportunity to remind you that today the second week of Fortnite Season 8 started. Among the new challenges introduced is the phased assignment "Destroy a Cactus in the Desert".

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