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Fortnite eSport: Saf and Zayt win the final tournament ESL Katowice Royale

In spite of bugs, glitches and the consequent renunciation of participation by some of Fortnite's most famous pro players, the final tournament of the ESL Katowice Royale tournament officially took place in the Polish town and decreed as winners Saf and Zayt .

The two professional players of the team Ghost and the collective NRG thus won the award of $ 80,000 to be won by the organizers of the eSport competition dedicated to the battle royale of Epic Games. The remaining $ 320,000 of the total prize pool of $ 400,000 of the final ESL Katowice Royale tournament will be divided among the other top ten ranked players:

Fortnite ESL Katowice Royale – Top 10 of the final tournament [19659004] Ghost Saf and NRG Zayt – $ 80,000

  • E11 Boyerxd and E11 Crippa – $ 64,000
  • Vinny1x and TSM ZexRow – $ 48,000
  • Ghost DMO and Ghost Bizzle – $ 32,000
  • Atlantis Mitr0 and Atlantis Khuna – $ 24,000
  • LeStream Skite and LeStream Vato – $ 24,000
  • SEN Aspect and SEN Animal – $ 16,000
  • VP Jamside and VP 7ssk7 – $ 16,000
  • Ghost Kamo and Ghos t Issa – $ 16,000
  • Villex and K1nzell – $ 16,000
  • Thus closes one of the most controversial, and at the same time most followed, tournaments of the panorama eSport gravitating around Fortnite Battaglia Reale because of the criticisms that have accompanied the announcement

    In recent weeks, in fact, the summits of Epic Games have repeatedly assured the main actors of the professional scene of Fortnite that they would not have launched of competitions concurrent with the publication of important updates, so as to ensure the most active pro players and streamer adapt to the new gameplay.

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    The ESL Katowice Royale, instead, took place almost simultaneously with the opening of Season 8 of Fortnite, thus triggering community reaction.

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