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Fortnite: first details and images of Panini stickers

From the American site of Panini the first details emerge on the Fortnite figurines, arriving this spring with global distribution on a large scale, including Italy, a country where the company expects to supply over a million points sale

Panini's American online store has opened the pre-orders for the box that includes 24 sachets with 144 cards (of which 9 are exclusive) and a free album, at the price of 60 dollars. On the package we speak clearly of "Series 1" at the moment but we do not know with what frequency the next series will be distributed.

At present there is no more precise news for the Italian market, the box in question should make its appearance also in our country, in the past few days Panini has limited himself to speaking generically of " spring " as the launch period of the album, of the figurines and the cards, no confirmation instead regarding the prices which in any case should not be too high.

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