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Fortnite: fixed audio problems and fixed other bugs with patch 8.10

Fortnite patch 8.10 did not bring only the vehicle Girosfera and distributors, with this update Epic Games also solved some bugs and problems reported by the community. Below, the complete changelog with all the improvements made.

Fortnite Battle Royale

  • Fixed an issue with the collision of pirate cannons blocking projectiles for passengers inside the cannon
  • Fixed an issue where the cannon pirate could not fire while moving backwards
  • Fixed an issue where a player could lose functionality by shooting himself from a pirate cannon
  • Fixed an occasional delay in the effects of explosion on impact with the player for the pirate cannon [19659004] Fixed an issue where pirate guns rolled over their sides and ran too long on the ground
  • Fixed an issue where pirate guns inflicted damage on themselves when used to shoot in tight places
  • Fixed a problem so the players did not cross the structures if they were fired from a short-distance pirate cannon
  • The traps are no longer activated by veic empty oils or those carrying only allied players
  • Fixed a problem in extreme situations of rapid shifting of the view that would make the first shot miss by firing with weapons
  • Fixed an issue where the train Trenino did not respect environmental surfaces such as lava
  • Fixed an issue where a player's skydiving animation could unexpectedly crash for a short time
  • Fixed an issue where an emote could be canceled during door open / close animations
  • Fixed an issue where the players kept the treasure maps buried upside down
  • Fixed an issue where pressing the construction and modification commands in rapid succession gave access to the modification of the project piece instead of the construction of the structure
  • Driftboards do not explode anymore if you dismount from a Driftboard near a mounted Turret
  • Fixed an issue where players on at PS4 they could not adjust mouse sensitivity
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Performance and Bug

  • We have solved some packet loss problems that could occur with some providers that tend to re-order UDP network packets.
  • Improved performance I / O to file for Xbox One. This reduces the occasional mesh streaming delays.
  • Fixed a block regression on Switch due to GPU timing
  • Improved performance on Switch by reducing the probability of particle activation when changing the phase of the day
  • Optimized the cannon of the ship
  • Optimized the elements of the user interface for the mode with large teams
  • Improved the performance of the fast bar
  • Corrected the blocks that occur in the game Statistics screen due to the synchronized loading of resources [19659019] Audio problems
    • Added new audio effects for balloons in mid-air
    • Reduced the volume of audio effects of destruction of small objects of environment (chairs, beds, fences, etc.)
    • Removed the reverberation from the shots of pickaxe
    • Removed the effects of outdoor audio during glides
    • The audio of deploying hang gliders it should no longer be reproduced twice when using hang glider deployments
    • Fixed the landing / opening audio of the hang glider that towered over the music of the royal Victory
    • Improved the volume of the music during the preview of the hang gliders with music in the lobby
    • The movement of the pirate cannon should no longer stop after a shot of more than 10 seconds
    • Fixed the cyclic sound of the balloons after passing through a slit

    Fortnite Mobile

    • Fixed a problem for which the firing command remained locked in a continuous fire cycle or could not fire, with no possibility of restoration
    • Fixed an issue where players with touch controls needed a more specific position than the viewfinder to interact with the button Use
    • Fixed an issue where turbo construction did not start when switching from edit mode to construction mode if the command was held pressed
    • Fixed an issue where the action of the left trigger remained stuck using a Bluetooth controller
    • Fixed weapon statistics in the inventory panel for mobile
    • Fixed an issue where the automatic run was not going click if "Default trigger for controller" was set to "NO" on mobile
    • Fixed an issue where the game exited the construction mode if a piece was selected for construction before releasing the construction / combat mode command
    • Fixed an issue where dragging an item out of the quick bar triggered mobile usage actions
    • Fixed the trajectory persistence of launchable objects when a player was driving different vehicles on mobile

    Changes affect all major game modes , from Fortnite Battle Royale to Save the World, via Creative Mode and Mobile Fortnite on OS and Android. Epic Games thus demonstrates that it always has the eye (and ear) attentive to the needs of the community, other patches should be distributed in the coming days with the aim of correcting and solving other minor bugs. [19659049] function cc_launch_facebook_pixel () {
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