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Fortnite: here is Ninja's advice to get the best out of Pro Players

After having unleashed the umpteenth media dust with his outspokenings on Parco Pacifico, that volpone from the smurf-colored hairstyle that responds to Ninja's name wanted to offer us his "precious" advice on how to get the best out of the pro players of Fortnite

During a livestream event on Twitch organized in Poland, the world's most famous (and paid) Fortnite theme creator has suggested to all the players of the iconic battle royale of Epic Games to adopt a strategy devoted to the attack to overcome the most experienced users choosing to employ a particular category of weapons in battle

"In every competitive game you have to become experts in weapons and objects that can break down the opponents with a single blow "was in fact the suggestion that Ninja wanted to give to all the explorers of the island of Fortnite and, more generally, to fans of shooters voted for multiplayer.

In this regard, the streamer from the most fluorescent hairstyle of this spiral arm of the Milky Way added that "do you really want to know how to break down the top players? Do you want to overcome some of the most incredible players in battle and do not know how? Simple, do the snipers and hit them straight in the face! ".

And with this bombshell, we close the article reminding all Fortnite Battaglia Reale players that our in-depth article is available with all the Guides to complete the Challenges of Week 2 of Season 8.

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