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Fortnite: how to set the resolution stretchata on PC and Console

If you want to improve your gaming performance in Fortnite, setting the stretchata resolution could be a good idea to get some tactical advantage. In this mini-guide we explain how to set it on PC and Console.

First of all, it is worth noting that stretchata resolution has no impact on the hitboxes of the players. Just because the image is wider, do not expect head shots to become easier

The practice has been used for many years in the competitive scene of Counter-Strike GO, and even before the times of versions 1.5 and 1.6 , where users played with low resolutions for make the biggest enemies appear on the screen.

And that's exactly what the resolution does: it changes the field of view slightly and makes the enemies appear a little more big on the monitor or on the TV. Sacrifice the quality to highlight the opponents.

If the advantages offered by the stretchable resolution are of interest to you, here are the procedures to follow to set it on PC and Console.

Set stretchable resolution on PS4 [19659007] Press the PS button to access the main menu

  • Scroll to Settings
  • Select Sound and Display
  • Select Display area settings
  • Reduce the screen size
  • For a similar resolution similar to to the PC version, we recommend accessing the "Video output settings" and changing the resolution to 480p or 720p (instead of 1080p).
  • Set stretchable resolution on the Xbox One

    • Press the Home button, access the settings, scroll down to Screen and sound, then Output video
    • From here, go to Advanced, then to Video and overscan Fidelity, and set the Screen item to "DVI".
    • set the color intensity to 24 bits per pixel
    • Returning to the video output, you will notice that the 640 × 480 option will be available. Choose this.
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    Set stretchable resolution to PC

    • Window mode: Screen integer
    • Screen resolution: 1920 × 1080 (16: 9)
    • Frame-rate limit: 120 FPS (depends on monitor quality)
    • Quality: automatic
    • 3D resolution: maximum
    • Distance visual: maximum
    • Shadows: Off
    • Anti-aliasing: off
    • Texture: low
    • Effects: low
    • Post processing: low
    • Vsync: Off
    • Motion Blur: Off [19659008] Show FPS: active

    Now you just have to follow these steps:

    • Close Fortnite and press the Windows key. Type "% Appdata%" and hit enter.
    • In the window that just appears, click AppData (on the toolbar path), then click on local-> Fortnite-> Saved-> Config-> Windows Client. You will see a file called GameSettings.
    • Right click on Game Settings, select Properties and make sure the read-only feature is turned off. Click OK and open the configuration file.
    • In the document, find the resolution settings ResolutionSizeX = 1920, ResolutionSizeY = 1080, LastUserConfirmedResolutionSizeX = 1920, LastUserConfirmedResolutionSizeY = 1080. Change the X axis to 1280.
    • Now find DesiredScreenWidth (the format for all four is the same as above) and make the same changes (change the X axis to 1280).
    • Save the configuration file, close it, then right click again mouse and double check the "Read only" box. Apply the changes and close.
    • Now it's time to open the graphics card client, like the Nvidia control panel we're referencing in this guide (it might be slightly different for AMD users). The resolution will be changed to 1080 × 1280.
    • You will then have to "adjust the size and position of the desktop" (Nvidia's control panel) and make sure that "Resizing" is set to "Full Screen" and that "Run the Resizing overrides for games and programs "is not selected.
    • Go back to" Change Resolution "and switch to custom resolution.
    • Close your control panel, open Fortnite, play a single game, then close Fortnite. [19659008] Reopen your Nvidia control panel. Go to "Change Resolution" and return to the native resolution. Now your resolution will return to normal but will be stretched during the playback of Fortnite.
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    Following the steps listed in this Guide, you will finally be able to set the resolution stretchata on Fortnite in the versions PC PlayStation 4 and Xbox One . Recall that the battle royale of Epic Games is preparing to welcome the new Season 8, coming on Thursday 28 February.

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