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Fortnite: how to unblock all the phases of the Hybrid skin

After having explained to you how to unlock the Black Heart skin, in this mini-guide of Fortnite Season 8 we'll show you how to get the progressive skin Hybrid and how to unlock all its phases.

As seen for Cuore Nero, the Hybrid skin is also available immediately for all buyers of the Fortnite Season 8 Battle Pass . By completing certain objectives you can unlock all phases of the costume, plus the related cosmetic items associated with it.

Below we list the requirements to unlock all the phases of the Hybrid progressive skin:

  • Phase 2 : you get 60,000 experience points
  • Step 3 : get 180,000 experience points
  • Step 4 : get 340,000 experience points

Dedicating yourself to other challenges, you can also unlock new cosmetic items and some alternative coloring for the skin :

  • Pickaxe Dragon Claw : Earn 20,000 Experience Points
  • Additional Styles for the Pickaxe Dragon Claw : Earn 140,000 Experience Points
  • Dragon Dragon Emote : Earn 260,000 Experience Points [19659005] Color of the dragon Bordeaux : get 100,000 experience points
  • Color of the dragon Gray : get 220,000 experience points
  • Color of the dragon Vio la : get 300,000 experience points

By completing all the goals listed above, you will get the complete set of the new skin Hybrid from Fortnite Season 8 . If you want to see it in action you can take a look at the video at the top. Recall that in the meantime the new challenges of Week 3 are also available.

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